Tackling the Toughest Tree Care Jobs

At Premier Tree Service, we specialize in high-risk tree removals as well as all the other tree care services that go along with it.

Do you have a problem tree that needs removal?

Or in need of tree trimming that's been left undone for too long and now requires heavy lifting and heights? Well, we're homeowners just like you, only at Premier Tree Service we're licensed, bonded, and insured arborists who own a boom. When the job is a bit more than you can handle, call us to get it done safely - and to get it done right.

By its very nature, tree removal is not an easy task.

It requires forethought, know-how, time, and the right equipment - all of which we have at Premier Tree Service. In our 20 plus years, we have safely and successfully removed hundreds of trees, including ones that are already down as well as physically removing standing trees.

When assessing a tree removal job, we always take into consideration several factors - the size of the tree; the species of tree; any existing damage to the tree; the proximity of your home, outbuildings, surrounding trees, flower gardens, and your neighbors' properties; and current weather conditions. All this forethought assists with performing a successful tree removal while resulting in as little to no additional property damage as possible.

Why have a tree removed?

To prevent damage to a nearby home or structure - trees too close to property structures can cause damage from growing limbs or fall on the structure during severe storms.

To prevent interaction with utility lines.

To prevent sightline issues at road intersections.

To prevent the spread of disease from one tree to another.

To reduce risk due to the main structure of the tree already being damaged due to wood rot, high winds, or lightening.

To make way for new construction or landscaping.

Three Premier Tree Service workers in a yard taking down limbs and branches.

While we never like to remove living trees, we understand that there are times when tree removal is the only option. Using ropes, pulleys, rigging gear, and reliable chainsaws - maybe even a crane and boom truck for those high-risk removals.

We always find a safe and effective solution for removing even the most tightly confined trees.

What sets us apart from the other tree removal companies?
At Premier Tree Service we've made a point to provide more than one method for tree removal. For us, serving communities made up of neighborhoods arranged with tightly built homes, it is becoming more and more common to rely on our boom truck. We've found it to be a huge aerial benefit.

Whether it is a tree that's already down, is starting to lean, or is in the way

Call on us for fast, effective, and safe tree removal!

No matter the tree or shrub species, our certified arborists can get it into shape.

Don't just let any guy with a ladder and some tools do your fine tree or shrub work. Turn to a certified arborist. Turn to Premier Tree Service. With us, you'll get the educated dedication needed to take care of your trees and shrubs in the safest, most efficient ways possible.

At Premier Tree Service we trim, prune, and shape trees and shrubs with their health and overall artistic appearance in mind. Whether an Oak, Maple, Birch, Boxwood, Dogwood, or Rose, we prune to enhance the specific species' natural shape. We also ensure that cuts are made cleanly to avoid disease, and in the proper locations to maintain the structural integrity of the tree.

Why prune or trim your trees and shrubs?

To reduce safety hazards due to damaged limbs.

To encourage a strong structural form.

To clear space around homes, sheds, or other property.

To remove dead, dying, damaged, or diseased limbs.

To promote vertical growth or reduce height / spread depending upon desires.

To enhance overall appearance.

A tree being pruned and shaped by a Premier Tree Service employee.

When your trees or shrubs are starting to look unattractive or overgrown,

contact us and we'll send one of our arborists.

When removing a tree, cleaning up the brush, wood, and debris is only part of the process.

There's always a stump left behind. Stump grinding or stump removal often results in an entirely separate struggle if you don't have the right equipment. At Premier Tree Service we can determine the best stump removal method for your property. And, we already have the proper equipment needed to tackle the job.

Prior to removal, we'll contact your utility companies to make sure there aren't any underground wiring systems nearby that we need to be concerned about. After removal, we do everything we can to leave the site as clean as possible. We will clean up the debris and can even fill the hole if desired.

Why remove a tree stump?

To deter termites.

To eliminate unsightly sucker growth above ground.

To prevent root growth that can damage surrounding structures underground.

To make way for other landscaping or construction activities.

To prevent tripping.

To prevent damage to your lawn mower while cutting grass.

A Premier Tree Service stump grinding machine.

Whether it's a new stump from a tree we just removed,

or an old one that you haven't had time to deal with, we can help!

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