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Spring Tree Trimming & Yard Preening

Everything really starts to perk up in the springtime. The grass starts to grow (like a weed), the weeds start to grow, the trees start budding, and we start getting busy with all of our outdoor projects. What can you do to make sure your yard and trees look their best for the coming summer?


Remove dead branches and trees. This is something that can be done any time of year. It will drastically improve the appearance of your trees and surrounding areas, in addition to preventing dead branches from falling on your property such as your car, garage, house, or even people.


Prune flowering trees only after their blossoms fade. This is to enhance flowering for the years ahead, and/or to encourage fruit production.


Remove branches that rub together. Rubbing branches can decrease the health of your tree. Eventually, all that rubbing results in dead or weak branches that are an eyesore, as well as a potential threat for falling in a storm.


Prune trees and shrubs to control plant size. The appearance of your landscape is part of what makes your plants useful, and pruning can keep everything well-balanced and healthy.


Remove trees and branches that are a safety hazard. This includes branches that are touching power lines, obstructing traffic signs, blocking sidewalks, and those that hinder your view of traffic at stops or corners.


Prune newly planted trees. As preventative maintenance, pruning is your best bet to keep young trees healthy and well formed, as well as help them develop a strong structure.


With any and all of your tree care questions and service needs, call us at Premier Tree Service. We can be there to help you make sure your trees and shrubs are ready for the summer ahead!

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