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Premier Tree Service, Inc… Getting Your Tree Chores Done!

Do you have a problem tree? Or maybe some other daunting yard task that involves heavy lifting and heights? Well, we’re homeowners just like you, only at Premier Tree Service we’re licensed, bonded and insured arborists who own a boom. When you don’t have the time or the job is a bit more than you can handle, call us to get it done.


At Premier Tree Service, trees are our business. And we offer a variety of services to assist with whatever tree scenario you are currently dealing with.



Tree & Shrub Trimming, Pruning & Shaping… Call On An Arborist

Don’t just let any guy with a ladder and some tools do your fine tree and shrub work. Turn to a certified arborist, turn to Premier Tree Service. With us, you’ll get licensed arborists dedicated to making your tree-care needs the safest, most efficient experience possible.


At Premier Tree Service we trim, prune and shape trees and shrubs with their health and overall artistic appearance in mind. Whether a shrub or a tree, we prune to enhance the species natural shape, ensuring that cuts are made cleanly and in the proper locations. Regular tree trimming and shrub pruning helps prevent damage to nearby structures; and knowing when to trim or prune your specific tree or shrub species helps promote healthy growth. Contact us to for a free estimate or to schedule services… we’ll send one of our arborists!


Stump Grinding

Cleaning up the brush, wood and debris of a fallen tree is only half the battle. Stump grinding or stump removal often times results an entirely separate struggle if you don’t have the right equipment. At Premier Tree Service we can determine the best stump removal method, and we already have the well-maintained equipment needed to tackle the job. Whether it’s a new stump or an old one that you haven’t had time to deal with, contact Premier.


So why remove a tree stump? In most cases, tree stumps should be properly removed to deter termites, to eliminate unwanted sucker and root growth that can damage surrounding structures, and to make way for other landscaping or construction activities.


24-Hour Storm Service You Can Count On

Minnesota gets some wicked weather, from blizzards with heavy snow to severe thunderstorms with tornadic winds. If a tree comes down on your property, especially close to or even on your house, you need to get it cleared FAST. Make sure to contact us in these emergency situations, call 612-636-7037.


At Premier Tree Service we are able to rapidly mobilize crews and equipment to quickly address emergency tree-related needs. Upon arrival we will assess the situation, determining the best and safest course of action. From there, our team will safely and properly remove downed or split trees, fall leaning trees, and provide complete clean-up of brush and wood.


Even if your trees don’t display obvious signs of damage after a severe weather event, it is always important to take a closer look and to contact a certified arborist if you have questions.

Tree Stump & Chain Saw
Licensed Arborist Scaling a Tree in Harness